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Recent Works

AMD Gaming Table

AMD Highlighter

amdhub website

TEC Arena Ahmedabad Comicon

Legion Day Trophy

Lenovo On Wheels

Lenovo Outdoor Unit

Lenovo Stall

Lenovo Yoga Highlighter

Microsoft Shield

Ryzen Attractor

AMD Ryzen Keychain

TEC Trophy

The key element

We chipped In with a chip.

Client : AMD

Creativity is often looking beyond the usual. This made us design the product that ensembles AMD’s latest processor-Ryzen 4000. Engraved with laser, embossed with metal plate, we have given the keyring the identity of its soul.

A moment of pride

Client : The ESports Club

A souvenir of victory, an achievement that defines you, takes the best of its shape at PrintTree. Made with matte black acrylic with a white screen print, this trophy spells a moment of pride enjoyed by winning hands.

Experience defines moments

Let the aura of the gaming world welcome you.

Client : AMD

To give you an unforgettable simulative experience we have designed the set-up with RGB lighting and a table that has an in-built Gaming PC. Now you can feel the gaming sensation even before you step into the world of it.

Creating enlightenment for the right Yoga

Client : Lenovo

The design is extrovert in nature. Emphasizing the best features of Lenovo’s Yoga series, the highlighter is crafted with acrylic and brushed metal finish. With its lit edges, it truly ignites a thought making it visually sumptuous, functionally aspirational.

The art of believing

Look beyond, before you see through.

Client : AMD

We create the right perceptions and this ‘Highlighter’ make products powered by AMD SenseMI Technology stand-out among a thousand ideas.

The power lies within

Lighting the right thoughts

Client : AMD

Some requests attention, others demand it. Made with a combination of aluminium, wood and acrylic, this Ryzen Attractor lights imagination, both figuratively and literally. It has the feature of relaying power from the laptop’s USB Port thus truly featuring AMD’s latest processor in the right light.

The web of goodness

We designed a web where the search ends and the choices begin...

Client : AMD

Niche in nature, yet offering a plethora of choices this site offers a pleasing sight for the searching mind looking for the best commercial products featuring distinguished products powered by AMD.

Not just a comic Relief

Venture where reality fades and fables begin.

Client : The Esports Club

Created on behalf of Esports Arena for the Ahmedabad Comicon chapter, we at Leroc designed a space that showcases some of the leading company’s best gaming facility, beckoning you into a journey of virtual reality.

Immortalizing achievements

We don’t let good moments fade.

Client : The Esports Club

In order to craft acknowledgements that define an exceptional feat, it requires finesse of the best order. We at PrintTree create mementos that eulogises brilliance. Contoured with acrylic and etched with laser, this piece lets achievement speak at its behest.

Gratitude now has a shape

Client : Microsoft

Some acknowledgments are remembered by words, a few gratitude by their shape. Created for Microsoft, this shield represents an act of acknowledgment for distinguished achievements.

The will to reach you!

Client : Lenovo

We at Leroc gave the wheel its will. With this mini-van featuring some of the best Lenovo products we break boundaries to create some. When you seek quality, it shall seek you.

One face, Many expressions

Client : Lenovo

This is a behrupiya – the many faced wonder. It tells a story, but is empowered with different narratives. This outdoor element is fashioned with an artist’s soul. Built with a metal frame and a TV Screen along with a Raspberry Pi Chip to control, it breaks boundaries but unites class. Features which are customisable, and a control that is centralised- this empowers a brand to tell their story true to the location yet universal in its calling.

One space, many possibilities

Where every corner is designed with a purpose

Client : Lenovo

Innovation trails evolution. In tune to this, we have designed a space for Lenovo that showcases its latest products, featuring many possibilities housed under one roof. Keeping aesthetics at the centre, this space has been architected with smart use of wood, metal frames and acrylic, giving the space a look of envy.

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